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Multimodal Interaction at CeBIT 2011

On February 23, 2011, in News, by advanti-staff

Multimodal Interacton : Meet us at the CeBIT in Hanover / Hall 9, B47
Multimodal interaction for semantic services and knowledge bases via the Calisto-Framework
[ more informations about our system ]

CeBIT 2011

Calisto @ THESEUS Innovation Center – Berlin

On June 30, 2010, in News, by advanti-staff

Calisto System

Calisto (Collaborative Assistant for Live Semantic Interactions with Tangible Object) is a new multimodal semantic based dialogue system. Natural language and gesture interaction with a touch terminal or smartphone offer simplified, exciting and unexpected possibilities to explore knowledge databases. Comprehensive information linked to a specific domain can be made available very intuitively. Through an intelligent sharing system, it is also possible to share information between two mobile phones.

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