FAQ – Wii Balance Board Interactions

“How do I connect my Wii Balance Board to my PC?”
You can do it in two different ways: either by using the internal Windows Bluetooth Assistant or another Assistant called Bluesoleil.
Windows Bluetooth Connection
You can find a full featured tutorial on “How to connect a bluetooth device with Windows XP SP2” on this website : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/883259 or with more detailed screenshots :http://www.motioncomputing.com/support/tips_tricks/
The Bluetooth identifier name of the Wii Balance Board is “Nintendo RVL-WBC-01”

If you don’t own a Bluetooth dongle that comes up with a Bluesoleil software, you can download a demo version of BlueSoleil here. BlueSoleil replaces the initial Windows XP Bluetooth stack with its own one. It will work with any Bluetooth dongle and it’s the fastest way to connect your Wii Balance Board with your PC.
“Where can we get the source code of your C# app? “
At the moment our application is not publicly available, because it is a private beta used for internal interaction studies for new intelligent user interfaces at the DFKI. We are continuously improving this interaction engine, and you’ll be able to read the results of our research efforts on this page. In the future there will be an interaction kit avalaible, including the Wii Balance Board and other input devices. We are open to any cooperation concerning new interaction devices in future research projects.
“What else can I do with the Wii Balance Board ?”
Weighing, jumping, walking in 3D environments. Check our latest videos to see more interactions with the Wii Balance Board and perhaps you will find a new idea.
“How can I implement a game and control my character with the Wii devices?”
Unfortunately due to a lack of time, we cannot provide any help concerning C# or game programming. But we are pretty sure that you will find some good tutorials concerning C# and the Wii stuff on the Web.
“How precise are the sensors of the Wii Balance Board ?”
The sensors, seems to be able detect a 500g pressure difference. The general weight limit of the Wii Balance Board seems to be 150kg.
“Which games are possible with the Wii Balance Board ?”
Every game that can be controlled by key events or joysticks is usable with the Wii Balance Board. It’s up to you to decide with which game you are going to use!

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