The main goal of the Advanced Tangible Interface Lab at the DFKI in Saarbrücken is to discover and implement brand new innovative multimodal interactions closely with
semantic technologies. In order to achieve this we are doing researches with  several Human Computer Interfaces (HCI) and different kind of intelligent
computing devices. This leads us to analyse, combine and create graphical interactive user interfaces for a wide range of devices e.g. tablet PCs, smartphones, multitouch desks or even kiosk terminals.

The particularity of those multimodal systems is that a seemless integration of speech and 3D gestures interactions is possible.

In the focus of research of the Advanced Tangible Interface Lab we developped different prototypes such as the CoMET (Collaborative Media Exchange Terminal) System for interactive multimodal interactions with the music domain or the Calisto System, which domain was focussed for the first time on the life of the computer pioneer Konrad Zuse. Our systems are currently used as infotainment kiosk systems in museums and cafés.

Our current technology demonstrator Cirius shows a multimodal dialogue system which provides access to various information, multimedia content and knowledge of semantic databases using spoken language and gestures. At a multitouch console or smartphones can semantically annotated contents to Konrad Zuse’s computing machine and to events, organizations, people be retrieved.

Some of our prototypes have reached a high popularity amongst the internet community such as our Wii Balance Board interactions software.

The developped software for balancing calculations combined with the Wii Balance Board , was used several times in cooperations with famous universities, hospitals, entertainment industry and e-learning institutes.

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