New tangible interactions with Cubtile by Immersion

On May 12, 2012, in News, by advanti-staff

We are very pleased to use a very original multitouch device: the Cubtile. The Cubtile produced by Immersion is a cube which five touchable sides. We combined the Cube with our interfaces and 3D games. For those who followed our Wii Balance Board hacking in 2008, you will notice on following picture gallery that two of our students have (re)used the Wii Balance Board in order to control the camera view of a famous 3D game. In order to shoot or to select options they are using each single side of the Cubtile.

The second example shows how easy the integration of the Cubtile with existing interactive kiosk systems is. In fact we have at the DFKI Saarbrücken building for each project so-called interactive carousels: the visitors can click on the touch screen in order to change the rotation speed of the carousel and to select videos. This time the carousel is getting more tangible through swipping and touching the Cubtile. With a tap interaction a video can be selected. You can even change the color of the Cubtile in order to match your mood or signalise a valid interaction!



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